For copyright owners

A lot of people are sending different designs to and it is impossible for us to verify the authorship of all that designs. In some cases people are gathering different links to vectors (which was marked as “free for share and use”) from the internet and sending them to us. But as you know, there are a lot of “free” stuff in internet which are actually not so “free”.

So if it happened that your copyrighted material has been submitted on and you want this material to be removed, you must send us a message on [email protected].

All illegal materials and links will be removed and submitters will be banned without any explanation!!!

Your message must include some details:

  • Link to the post on our blog with your copyrighted material.
  • Proof link (microstock link will be enough).

The link will be removed forever. We are recording all removed materials to prevent re-posting of them in the future.


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