Against the backdrop of the craze illustrations polygonal, round elements are relegated to the background, and very vain. After all angles, in spite of their relevance, it is still capable of causing abrupt associations and not necessarily friendly to the user to customize the way. Another thing is rounded elements. They symbolize harmony, conflict-free and fullness. But Here you will find free backgrounds for every taste and color, which you can use to develop their own projects.

Abstract vector images and backgrounds

Sets in order to make it easier to achieve their goals. Background images or individual objects, color or monochrome, primitive or traced in detail – they all share an abstract version, which extends the scope of application of these images. All files in vector format, so suitable for use in any size and resolution.

Attractive backgrounds for inscriptions and cards

In order to draw attention to any post is not enough to select a suitable font. The text is much better paired with emphasizing its value image. That’s why we design backgrounds and templates for inscriptions, titles and postcards.

Patterns for design or inspiration

Here you will find patterns about any topic that will serve you for the development of design or for inspiration. Inspiring examples and draw their own patterns.