You probably noticed a trend of using ribbons in web design and graphic works. They help to make your website or design more memorable and appealing, and the tape is often used for sites in retro style. They are often used as a background for the navigation, very popular sidebars. So today we bring to your attention a collection of free source code with ribbons in vector format.

Colorful vintage ribbons vector 0

Colorful vintage ribbons vector

Colorful vintage ribbons with space for your wishes and slogans, sale labels with inscriptions “Save money”, “Fresh”, “Quality guarantee”, “Free”,...

Set of ribbons 0

Set of ribbons vector

5 picture which ribbons vector for your designs. Files: .Ai or .EPS for Adobe Illustrator. Ready for print. License: for...

Holiday serpentine ribbons vector 0

Holiday serpentine ribbons

Holiday serpentine ribbons in different colors. Alternative description: pied serpentine. Files: .Ai or .EPS for Adobe Illustrator. Ready for print....