Illustrations of Human anatomy, disease, medical topics vector

Illustrations of Human anatomy, disease, medical topics vector
Set of 25 vectors illustrations of Human anatomy, disease, medical topics:

  • illustration ofCystic Fibrosis. Normal Airways – airway wall, a thin layer of mucus coats the airway wall. Airways affected by cystic fibrosis – Dilates Airways, a thick and stiky mucus blocks airways, Blood in the mucus, Bacterial infection;
  • illustration of Prostatitis – Edema, Inflammation of the prostate gland, Disorders of the secretion;
  • illustration of Anatomy of the Bronchus – section through cartilage hoop, ciliated lining of bronchus, airway, gland ducts;
  • images of Structure of Adrenaline (benzene ring, amine side chain NH2, two hydroxyl OH- groups);
  • images of Anatomy of the adrenal Glands (Cortex, Medulla, Capsule, Zone – Glomerulosa, Fasciculata, Reticularis, Kidney);
  • images of Normal heart (normal ventricular chambers) and congestive heart (thickening of the ventricular chambers and smaller fill in capacity and ejection of blood);
  • TBC (tuberculosis) – mycobacterium tuberculosis, granuloma from mycobacterium tuberculosis;
  • TBC (tuberculosis) – initial tuberculosis infection of the right upper lobe, the initial plaque progresses digging a cavity, formation of numerous cavities and erosion bronchial;
  • illustration of Hepatic Cirrhosis medical complications – Hepatic coma, Yellow skin, gynecomastia, esophageal varices, caput medusae, ascites, testicular atrophy, palmar erythema, haemorrhagic diathesis, edema of the lower limbs;
  • illustration of Break – posterior cruciate ligament; Adenoids; Testicular cancer – Urethra, Vas deferens, Cancer, Testicle; Dry cough; Severe sunburn – vesicles;
    Bulimia (symptoms) compulsive eating – self-induced vomiting;
  • illustration of Normal Disc – nucleus Pulposus, Annulus Fibrosus, Cauda Equina, Spinal nerve root. And Internal Disc disruption – Annular Tears, Early disc degeneration, Pain worsens with flexion/sitting, slightly better with extension, Forward flexion limited on exam, no radicular symptoms;
  • images of Chickenpox (varicella) – hard crusty, red spot, blister;
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